How to Make Sure You Receive Emails Important To You: Bryan Wijaya’s Guide To Whitelisting

Email providers generally do a good job at keeping annoying emails away from your main inbox…


But SOMETIMES… an email that is important to you gets buried away either in the promotions tab, or spam/junk folder.

You know, like the kind of email that could help you grow your business, and improve your life…


So, how do you make sure important emails like this always land in your primary inbox?

Each email provider will be slightly different but the general concept is the same. You need to ADD the important contact to your white list.


Find the email provider relevant to you down below (Email Providers colored in blue) and go from there…


It would be nice if you could simply check a box to add a sender to your friend list, but Gmail doesn’t work that way.


However, while it may require a few extra steps, there are some quick and easy ways to whitelist your friends and important brands in Gmail.

Add Emails To Your Contacts

This method requires you to navigate to the Google Contacts link.

To get there, click the nine dots in the upper-right corner, followed by contacts.

Once on the contact page, click “Create Contact” in the upper left corner and complete the contact form. Any emails from this person will be delivered directly to your primary inbox.

Whitelisting Emails In Your Spam

If the email you want already made it into your spam folder, then here’s how to whitelist it from there…


Select the email that came from the person you want to whitelist from your spam inbox.
You’ll notice a small tag next to their name that indicates they’re spam.

To remove a tag, simply click the x next to it.


Add A Non-Spam Filter

This will stop emails from landing in your spam using Gmail.
Click the gear icon in your inbox and click settings.

Once the settings page opens up, click the “filters and blocked addresses” tab.


From there, select “create a new filter.”

A search mail form will appear.


From here you can whitelist, and that will ensure you receive all types of emails including support or announcement emails.


Or, if you just want to receive emails from a specific person at a company, you can choose to only put their specific email address in the “From” tab.


When you’re done, click “create filter,” which is directly next to the blue search button.

Once you’ve submitted your filter, you’ll see the following screen. Click “never send it to Spam,” and if it’s a really important email address, check off “always mark it as important.”


Once you’re finished, select “create filter.”



To whitelist in Outlook, you can add important emails as a contact, or adding them to your “Safe Senders” list.

Adding A Contact

To add a contact, you’ll need to navigate to the contacts section of Outlook.
To do this, click the people icon towards the bottom left of the screen.
Then, click “New contact” at the top of the screen in blue.
A form will appear.
Here you should enter the first name, last name, and email address of the person you are whitelisting.
As well as any other notes you want to add.
Once you’re done, click “Create,” and they will be added to your contacts and moved away from your Spam inbox.

Adding Contacts To "Safe Senders" List

“Safe senders” is basically the Spam Filter setting in Outlook.


And it’s a great way to guarantee the emails you want to receive won’t end up in Spam.


To add someone to Safe Senders, you’ll first want to click the gear icon in the top right corner, and then at the bottom of the pop-up, you’ll want to click “View all Outlook settings.”

Once the settings window opens, you will want to click on “Mail” and then “Junk email.”


Scroll to the section that says safe senders and domains and click “Add.”


A field will appear that allows you to either type it a specific email or a domain.


Fill it out and press the “enter” key on your keyboard to add it to the list.


Make SURE you press the save button at the top of the pop-up when you’re done, or your new safe sender address may not save.


You can whitelist on Yahoo by adding an email to your contacts or by creating a filter.

Adding A Contact

To add a contact, you will want to click the Contacts icon on the right side of your screen.


From there, click “Add a new contact.”

To add a contact, you will want to click the Contacts icon on the right side of your screen.


From there, click “Add a new contact.”

Adding A Spam Filter

You can add a spam filter in Yahoo to make sure an email from a domain or address goes straight to your regular inbox.



To do this, you’ll need to go into your settings. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and then click “More settings.”

Once you’re on the settings page, you’ll want to click the “Filters” tab and select “add new filters.”

Once the form appears, you’ll want to give the filter a name.


You will then need to add either the domain or the specific email address you want to whitelist.


We recommend you simply write


Once you’re done, click Save.

This new filter will now show up in the filter’s tab in settings using the name you assigned it.

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