This Is My Story

2016-18: Becoming An Expert In Real Estate

I started out flipping properties using no-money-down strategies.


Obtained my real estate agent and credit license in Australia.


And then progressed to doing renovations for profit...


Before becoming a developer doing land lot subdivisions and entry level housing in the island of Java, Indonesia.

2019: Becoming A Digital Marketer

Having built a sales team of 320+ agents, and becoming a millionaire through property...


I started using the lessons learned to teach others how to attract quality employees, attract customers and sell online using Facebook Ads


2020: Breakthrough During The Pandemic

My online education business grew to over 7000+ members within 3 months, achieving $600K+ in 6 months.


Our clients included members of the prominent Punjabi family, leading actors and actresses such as Sony Tulung, and Ariel Tatum, and prominent figures in the TV network and entertainment industry.

2021: Tripling Monthly Sales From $120K-450K/mth In 4 Months

My team and I worked with Traders Family, Indonesia's largest Forex Independent Broker (IB) to grow their revenues from commission from a reported $120K/mth average to $450K/mth in 4 months.


Their YouTube channel grew from less than 15,000 subscribers to over 60,000 subscribers by the time our contract had expired.

2022: Crypto Mining Farm

Our primary focus for 2022 is to grow our crypto mining operations.


And to create a platform for shared cloud mining results so that even the layman enthusiast can start reaping profits from crypto mining equipment as well.


UPDATE late 2022: We have expanded our mining farm to almost $9million in estimated Lifetime Extraction Value (LEV) and are now looking to expand our vertical to include dApps and NFT adoption.

Bryan Wijaya is a serial entrepreneur with businesses in real estate development and sales, digital marketing, education, and crypto mining.


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